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Transforming from manufacturing industrial complex to high-tech convergence medical industrial complex

Transforming from manufacturing industrial complex to high-tech convergence medical industrial complex

The DGFEZ is armed with Korea’s knowledge-based industry and ideal service infrastructure. It offers development land, R&D facilities, commerce and residential areas with a focus on IT convergence, transport components and medical businesses. It is located in the heart of Korea's largest automotive cluster and a center of IT/SW, healthcare and steel industries. The area also boasts high-quality human resources.
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2008 to 2022


Home to Korea’s leading industrial clusters
  • The DGFEZ is at the heart of “Auto Valley,” connecting automotive electronic parts firms in Gumi, mechatronics in Daegu, complete automobiles in Yeongcheon, Gyeongju and Ulsan, shipbuilding in Busan and machinery and metals in Changwon.
  • Around Pohang, it houses a steel industry cluster where POSCO, Hyundai Steel and Dongkuk Steel are located.
  • It will have a 4.6 trillion-won state-supported medical cluster : New Drug Development Center, Medical Device Development Center, Laboratory Animal Center, Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center, Communication Center.
  • It also has an IT and software industry cluster with bases for Samsung Electronics, LG Display and Dassault Systems.
R&D centers supporting new growth industries
  • The zone has 135 R&D institutions including the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials.
  • It has two R&D special districts - Daegu Technopolis and Sinseo Medivalley, DGIST and POSTECH.
Rich human resources
  • There are 52 universities and colleges within the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region and 70,000 annual graduates including 17,000 in natural science and engineering, enter the job market every year.
  • It has 135 R&D institutions with 4,800 researchers.

Major projects

Major resident companies

KNT  |  Japan
- Precision multitasking machines

Hyundai Cummins Engine Company  |  Korea/U.S.
- Diesel engines for construction machines

Hycon Korea  |  Hong Kong
- Excavator parts

Ugint  |  Korea/Saudi Arabia/Cayman Islands
- Machine tool

Assab Steel Korea  |  Singapore
- Steel for mold components

PNDT  |  Korea/Japan
- Automobile parts, damper pulley

DSSK  |  Japan
- Automobile parts

LFJ Korea  |  Korea/Taiwan
- Automobile mufflers, parts

Hwajin & DIC  |  Korea/Japan
- Wood grain and interior materials for automobiles

BPH Korea  |  Korea/U.S.
- Packaging containers and materials for automobiles


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