Gwangju Free Economic Zone

AI based convergence new industry hub


Gwangju Free Economic Zone

Win-win and AI-based convergence new industry hub

The Gwangju Free Economic Zone is opening the Gwangju era as the future growth engine of Korea and the heart of Korea's AI by integrating eco-friendly future vehicles, smart energy, and biomedical industries with artificial intelligence. In the Gwangju Free Economic Zone, there are Gwangju-type jobs for labor-management win-win, which is considered an innovation model for Korean industrial sites, an energy industry convergence complex linked with KEPCO, a global energy company, and artificial intelligence, which is the core field of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • Designation HistoryJune 03, 2020
  • Business period2020 to 2025


Features of Gwangju Free Economic Zone

The world's first partnership labor model
  • Gwangju-type automobile production plant
Creating integrated industrial complex centered on AI
  • Establishment of core infrastructure and supporting R&D in convergence, AI based Startups
Creation of an eco-friendly Auto Parts cluster
  • Eco-friendly auto parts test, technical support, professional skill training and technical equipment support
Setup Korea's only authentication center for eco-friendly auto parts
  • Setup the national safety assessment standards

Gwangju Free Economic Zone Major projects

  • Future Automotive Industry

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    • LocationWhole area of ​​Samgeo-dong, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju
    • Project cost2,952 billion
    • Project Period2009 ~ 2021
    • Planned population1,409
    • Specialized in AI technology-based autonomous vehicle, and bias current field
    • Create a mecca for eco-friendly automobile parts cluster and eco-friendly automobile
  • Smart Energy Industrial

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    • LocationAll areas of Seokjeong, Jiseok, Apchon, and Daeji-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju
    • Project cost2,978 billion/1,332 billion
    • Project Period2015 ~ 2023
    • Planned population4,613/2,685
    • By improving the energy efficiency centered on the energy ICT convergence fields and specializing in the smart grid field, promote the smart convergence energy new industry
    • Create the energy convergence complex and energy-specialized R&D complex
  • AI Convergence District

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    • LocationWhole area of ​​Oryong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju
    • Project cost5,032 billion
    • Project Period2011 ~ 2025
    • Planned population9,487
    • Create an AI-centered industrial convergence complex
    • Create a future-oriented R&D research industrial complex

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